Thank you for considering the library when donating your books.

Due to our selection policy and the lack of space in our library, we have formulated a strict donation policy.

We accept mainly newer books that are in good condition.

Good condition means:

Ÿ  No yellowed pages

Ÿ  No torn pages

Ÿ  Books with intact covers and dust jackets

Newer Books means:

Ÿ  Magazines: no more than one-year-old

Ÿ  Medical Books: no more than five years old

Ÿ  Paperbacks: no more than two years old, unless a classic

Ÿ  Hardcovers: no more than ten years old

We do not accept the following:

Ÿ  old style Harlequins

Ÿ  Condensed Reader’s Digest

Ÿ  Textbooks

Ÿ  Sets of encyclopedias

Thank you again for your support and donations. Any books we cannot accept can be taken to the Recycling Centre.